Prostheses in remote

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Prostheses in remote

Our patients wearing ocular prostheses, who cannot easily come to Rome or Milan can accede to our services of ocular prostheses in remote.

Our secretaries will assist you in the process and share with you all the necessary information so that we can proceed with the supplying of the service of ocular prostheses in remote. Our protheses in remote are also supplied for free.

This consents our patients who cannot come to us in person to use all our excellent services in order to obtain the best possible aesthetic results from our ocular prostheses, also in remote.

All of our prostheses are customised and unique, thereby adapting to the specific needs of each of our patients. There are instances where the physical presence of the patient is essential in order to obtain the best possible aesthetic outcome.

For this reason, our team of experts will evaluate whether it is possible, for every patient who requests it, to accede to this service for the replacement of the prosthesis.


Our expertise at your service


Available for help in choosing your path and for information.


Consultation and replacement of the prosthesis also in remote.


Personnel at your disposal for assistance with the necessary documentation.


In terms of quality, duration and comfort of the customised prostheses.


With ASL and INAIL on all the national territory.
Prostheses in remote

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For info and reservations, you can call from 08:00 to 18:00 at the numbers 06.3210718 / 06.3207025. If you come from outside Rome, you can see here the hotels nearly.