What is meant by atrophy of the eye?

What is meant by atrophy of the eye?

Atrophy of the eye is a phenomenon which manifests itself in a diminished volume of the eye itself (the eye becomes smaller) and can be associated with a change in colour of the cornea, i.e. the transparent front part of the eye, which can change its colour becoming opaque and grey, there can also be a lowering of the upper eyelid (ptosis).

Atrophy of the eye can occur as a result of a trauma or as a consequence of an ocular disease.

In these cases, it is not necessary to remove the eye in order to fit the prosthesis, it suffices just to fit the prosthesis on the atrophic eye (so-called shell prosthesis) with an astonishing result: the upper eyelid will open automatically without needing an operation and the shell will reproduce the exact colour and form of the collateral eye. Moreover, the fitting of the prosthetic shell will protect the weakened eye and the patient’s inflammatory symptoms will improve, thus avoiding the need to use eyedrops.

Today’s moulded customised prostheses produce, not only amazing aesthetic results, but also an optimal tolerance of the shell prostheses.

Before and after fitting the shell prosthesis.

Also, in the case of atrophy in both eyes optimal results are obtained.

The eye underneath moves and transmits the movement to the shell prosthesis, produced with the moulding technique, which is fitted directly over the atrophic eye, as can be seen in these images.

This technique is used both for adults and for children.

Result of trauma in OS with and without shell.

Result of bilateral ocular disease before and after fitting of shell prostheses. The fitting of the shell prosthesis during the adaptation period must be checked by the ophthalmologist who will prescribe the therapy for obtaining the best possible tolerance and will check the eye underneath.

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