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Ocularistica Italiana was created by the successors of Paolo Modugno, who had founded the first Italian factory for ocular prostheses in 1920. Our highly qualified team of ocularists, with years of professional experience, together with specialized ophthalmologists, guarantee an optimum aesthetic outcome. Ocularistica Italiana is affiliated with ASL and INAIL on all the Italian territory and offers guidance for all the necessary administrative procedures. 

ocularistica italiana

Information about our ocular prostheses

We produce prostheses for every type of ocular pathology, such as congenital microphthalmia and anophthalmia, both as a result of chronic ocular diseases and of orbital trauma. We are noted for the high quality and expertise of our customised treatment and care, both for children and for adults. The ocular prostheses are supplied for free by ASL and INAIL, and we provide help with all the forms and administrative procedures needed in order to accede to the personalised services.

Customised prostheses

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Paediatric customised prostheses

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Prostheses made to order

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In detail

How much does an ocular prosthesis cost? Find out the price of a prosthesis and/or the administrative process for obtaining prostheses through the affiliation with INAIL or ASL.

Look at our illustrated guide for the fitting and removal of the prosthesis. Our team is at your disposal if you should need any further clarification.


Our tips on how to clean the prosthesis and what detergents to use.

Why and when an eye can become phthisic/atrophic. We explain how to solve the aesthetic problem with our prostheses.

We explain exactly what microphthalmia is and how we can restore facial appearance with our prostheses.

We have developed a specific strategy for congenital anophthalmia: here you will find all the most up-to-date technology for obtaining the maximum orbital development and the best aesthetic outcome.


Ocular prostheses from 1920

In 2020 we celebrated the centenary of our foundation.

We’ll tell you how it went

Alessandra C. Modugno

our method




Venusia G.

Professionalità e cortesia sempre! C’è una squadra dietro tutto… davvero Top

Venusia G.

Alessandra V.

Hanno una lunga esperienza in materia di protesi oculari. sono competenti, gentili e soprattutto convenzionati con le ASL

Alessandra V.

Massimo C.

Gentile cordiale e professionale numeri 1 nell’ordine è cortesie

Massimo C.

rai due intervista protesi oculari

Falak’s new life

Falak, a seven-year-old Syrian girl, had a retinoblastoma eye: a malignant eye tumour that affects children. After the enucleation of the affected eye she was not fitted with any ocular prosthesis in her native country. She finally arrived in Rome, through the humanitarian corridors, and was welcomed with open arms by Ocularistica Italiana, who fitted her with her first ocular prosthesis for free. Over the years we have substituted her prosthesis whenever necessary in order to obtain a better aesthetic outcome. Today Falak is perfectly integrated into her social life, both at school and with her friends. She has recovered the peace of mind which every child deserves.

ocularistica italiana

Our prostheses: craftsmanship and innovation


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For info and reservations, you can call from 08:00 to 18:00 at the numbers 06.3210718 / 06.3207025. If you come from outside Rome, you can see here the hotels nearly.